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Pokemon | In Store: TCG Entry [2023 Q2 League Cup]

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Name Pokemon - In Store TCG Entry (2023 Q2 League Cup)
Date Saturday, June 17, 2023
Time Check In: 10:00 PM - 10:50 PM PST
Tournament Start: 11:00 PM PST
Structure Swiss (Best of 1) | 30 Min
- 3 Rounds: 4-8 Players
- 4 Rounds: 9-16 Players
- 5 Rounds:: 17-32 Players
- 6 Rounds: 33-64 Players

Top Cut:
Single Elim. (Best of 3) | 50 Min
- 5-16 Players Cut to Top 4
- 17+ Players Cut to Top 8


Constructed - Standard
Decklist Required
Paldea Evolved is NOT LEGAL

Admission $25 (Capped at 64 Players)
Entry Items

2x Paldea Evolved Packs


1st Place: 36x Paldea Evolved Packs
2nd Place: 18x Paldea Evolved Packs
3rd-4th Place: 9x Paldea Evolved Packs
5th-8th Place: 3x Paldea Evolved Packs

(If we get more than 16 players, the prizing will scale up accordingly)


This is an in-store event.

Pre-Registration is set up so players can guarantee a spot in the tournament. If you do not show up during check in time, your spot will be forfeited and you will NOT be refunded

Let's celebrate the return of our League Cup!