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Battle Spirits Saga | [CB01] Evangelion | Evangelion Booster Box

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❶ Recreate the Evangelion movies with your deck construction!
Using the cards in this set, you can construct three broad deck archetypes: Evangelion 13 decks, WILLE decks, and Angel decks.
Make your decks even stronger by combining cards from this booster with the collaborative cards from BSS04 and other set cards!

❷ Special Evangelion card frames!
These cards feature specially designed Evangelion card frames, which are different from the standard ones. Enjoy a fully immersive Evangelion card experience!

❸ Three types of Saga Rare or higher rarity cards will be included!
This is the first set with three types of Saga Rares included! A new rarity that is higher than Saga Rare will also make its debut with this set!

❹ The box topper contains a rare card from types in this booster set!
You can get one of this booster set’s rare cards at random as a box topper! There’s even one limited edition card among the types that can only be gotten as a box topper!

★ 171 Types Total
☆ Common (normal/holo ver.) × 40
☆ Uncommon (normal/holo ver.) × 20
☆ Rare (normal/holo ver.) × 12
☆ X Rare × 8
☆ Special Rare × 15
☆ Saga Rare × 3
☆ ? ? ? × 1

♦ × 1 Pack=× 12 cards and 1 token card
♦ × 1 Display = × 24 Packs
♦ × 1 Case = × 12 Displays