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Battle Spirits Saga | [SD07] Evangelion | Evangelion Starter Deck

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A mixed color Unit-01 deck!
This is the perfect starting point for Evangelion fans to get into BSS!

❶ All cards in this deck feature new card effect text!
This is the first mixed color starter deck in BSS and all the cards included are available only in this deck! This deck has lots of great cards for newcomers to BSS and that veterans of the game will also want to include in their decks, so everyone will want to get their hands on this one! Make an even stronger Evangelion deck by combining these cards with cards from CB01!

❷ Also included: A promo pack with alt-art cards!
Includes a promo pack with one alt-art card! There are a total of six different types of alt-art cards it will be randomly chosen from. All these alt-art cards are of cards in this starter deck! One of the alt-art card types is an X Rare card with a beautiful card design!

❸ Purple cores to fit the Eva theme!
This deck includes the first non-blue cores!
The cores are purple, Evangelion’s trademark color!

☆ Deck Cards × 50
☆ Playsheet/Rule Manual × 1
☆ Core × 30
☆ Soul Core × 1
☆ Promo Pack × 1

♦ × 1 Display = × 6 Sets
♦ × 1 Case = × 8 Displays