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Build/Divide JP | Demon Slayer | Demon Slayer Booster Box

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Covers the characters up to the TV anime "Yukaku"!

In the "Yukaku-hen", "Sound Pillar/Usei Tengen", who had a heated battle, makes a flashy appearance!
In addition, it covers popular characters from a wide range, including "Ritsushi" and "Infinite Train", such as "Jegen no San, Aquarius" and "Jegen Riku, Fallen Princess, Taro Taro"!
Gorgeous cards with plenty of precious cuts!

Four pillars, four territories!

"Insect Pillar: Kocho Shinobu", "Water Pillar: Giyu Tomioka", "Sound Pillar: Usei Tengen", and "Flame Pillar: Anjuro Rengoku" will participate as ace with their own territories!
Reproduce the attractive characters of the pillars with cards, and enjoy a game experience unique to the "Kimetsu no Yaiba" collaboration!
Of course, the already released starting deck is also strengthened! !

Divide rare is a gorgeous hologram specification!

This time's Divide Rare encloses 4 people such as "Tanjiro Kamado", "Ezuko Kamado", "Zenitsu Agatsuma", and "Inosuke Hashibira" with special hologram processing!

Product information

56 card types + 78 parallel types

1 pack 7 cards (card size 63 x 88)
1 box 16 packs