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Cardfight Vanguard | Luard | Stride Deckset Luard

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[VGE-D-SS10] Special Series 10 Stride Deckset -Luard-

"Dragheart, Luard" enters the fray in the standard format together with other《Shadow Paladin》Units!

Each product comes with a short storage box which includes a pre-constructed deck and card sleeves!

Older prints of "Dragheart, Luard" can now be used in the standard format!

※Applies for G-TD10/003EN and G-BT09/S13EN

Featured Nation: Dragon Empire

Product Specifications

1 Deckset contains:
• 1 Pre-constructed Deck (50 Cards + 13 Cards)
♦ [G Deck: 8 Cards, Crest: 1 Card, Extra Cards: 4 Cards]
• 1 Short Storage Box
• 1 Pack of Sleeves (53 Pieces)
※ All new cards (other than G unit cards) will have 1 copy with RRR treatment. All G unit cards will have 1 copy with SP treatment and 3 copies with RRR treatment.

Card Types:
♦ 19 Types (14 New cards + 5 Reissue cards) + Parallels

*The contents of the parallel cards are fixed.