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Digimon | [BT-04] Great Legends | Great Legends Booster Box

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  • Set 4 contains the fan favorite Digimons known as “Greymons”, includingWarGreymon, ShineGreymon, VictoryGreymon and more!
  • These Greymons are the leading character in each series and are beloved by Digimon fans.
  • Greymon is an iconic character to all Digimon fans, and this maintheme will attract more casual players and collectors to pick up the game!
  • 24 Packs per Booster Box
  • 12 cards per Booster Pack

  • Common x64
  • Uncommon x40
  • Rare x35
  • Super Rare x10
  • Secret Rare x3

  • *Each display contains 2 Box Topper Card Packs
  • -Digimon Card - 1/6 types / 1 card per pack
  • -Special Box Promotion Pack 1/2 cards per pack