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Digimon | [BT-06] Double Diamond | Double Diamond Booster Box

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①Royal Knights and more fan favorite Digimon included!
Set 6 includes Royal Knights making their Digimon Card Game debut!
Agumon (Bond of Frienship) and Gabumon (Bond of Friendship) from the unforgettable conclusion of the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna anime are here too!

②New gameplay effect!
A new gameplay effect using the Memory Gauge joins the game! This effect can be used by paying the gauge costs at the start of your turn! A simple but useful effect that will fit in perfectly with the current Digimon gameplay!

③Updated Starter Decks!
Starter Decks get three exciting updates for Set 6!

1) Both starter decks contain 54 cards including 4 with new holographic textured foiling—2 more holographic cards than the last Starter Decks!
2) Each deck includes 2 new Memory Gauges with a glossy metallic look!
3) Each deck contains 6 Campaign Cards with an SR holo finish! One card for each color! 12 cards per pack

• Common ×44
• Uncommon ×30
• Rare ×26
• Super Rare ×11
• Secret Rare ×2
• *Parallel Cards ×18
• *1-Year Anniversary Box Topper x10
• *Special Tamer Box Topper x6
• *Total 129 card types (147 incl. parallel)