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Grand Archive | Mercurial Heart | Silvie Re:Collection - Slime Sovereign

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Grand Archive TCG: Silvie Re:Collection - Slime Sovereign
Discover a new way to play Grand Archive TCG through the memories and recollection of Silvie.  Explore Silvie's friendship with slimes of every color with Silvie, Slime Sovereign!

Each Re:Collection features a magnetic storage box that contains:
  • A pre-constructed 60-card main deck and 12-card material deck
  • A set of matching 100ct Dragon Shield Art Sleeves
  • A set of cards completing the playsets for your pre-constructed deck
  • A damage counter
  • Art dividers
  • Three Re:Collection Mercurial Heart booster packs with a chance of Silvie, Slime Sovereign CSR instead of MRC1E CSR/CUR