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One Piece JP | [OP01] Romance Dawn | Romance Dawn Booster Box

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This is a Japanese product.
A super strong card and character lineup to power up your Starter Decks!

Illustrations from "manga", "animation", and “Illustrator’s new art"!

Not only illustration from manga and animation are used, but also new art drawn by the illustrators!
Feel the new ONE PIECE!

Introduction of mixed color Leader Cards!

A two colored deck can be constructed by placing (using) a mixed (multi)-colored leader card.
The starter deck released on July 8 can be mixed and used immediately!Create your own dream pirate deck!

Many "parallel cards" with different illustrations are also included!

Also includes “parallel cards” with different illustrations! It is a valuable collector’s card.

These are box topper!

A parallel card is included as a box topper! 1pc of all 6 types is randomly enclosed.


1 pack : 6 cards(Total 121 types)


  • ・Leader Card x 8
  • ・Common x 45
  • ・Uncommon x 30
  • ・Rare x 26
  • ・Super Rare x 10
  • ・Secret Rare x 2

*27 types of parallel card included in this product.

  • *Card types are random.
  • *The illustration may differ somewhat from the final product.
  • *Product details may differ from the actual product.