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One Piece JP | [OP02] Paramount War | Paramount War Booster Box

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This is a Japanese product.
Booster pack vol.2 will be released!
Experience that fierce battle with ONE PIECE CARD GAME.

The booster pack vol.2 with the theme of popular chapter Paramount War!

Includes many cards that can enhance the starter deck -The Navy- [ST-06] released in September.

New color "black" is in full swing.
New combinations of multicolor leaders also continue to debut!

The new color "black" which first debuted in the starter deck -The Navy- [ST-06] released in September, shows its full power.
Includes new combinations of multicolor leader! Expand your strategy.

These are box topper!

1pc of all 6 types is randomly enclosed.


1 pack : 6 cards (Total 121 types) + Index 1pc


  • ・Leader Card x 8
  • ・Common x 45
  • ・Uncommon x 30
  • ・Rare x 26
  • ・Super Rare x 10
  • ・Secret Rare x 2

*27 types of parallel card included in this product.

  • *Card types are random.
  • *The illustration may differ somewhat from the final product.
  • *Product details may differ from the actual product.