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One Piece TCG | [PRB01] Premium Booster | Premium Booster Booster Box

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Available for pre-order in person only (3 box limit)
Reprints of Many Popular Cards from Past Packs!
Features reprints of popular cards from OP01 to OP06 and event-exclusive promotional cards, such as Mihawk from OP01 and Doflamingo from OP04!
Includes new parallel illustrations created for this pack!
Plus, don’t miss out on cards from previous packs with new elements!

Introducing DON!! Cards with Character Designs!
Includes special DON!! cards designed exclusively for this Booster Pack! The designs depict popular characters, and there are even some rare parallel edition DON!! cards with luxury elements!

Total: 109+30 card typesRarity:
• Leader: x 1
• Common: x 23
• Uncommon: x 25
• Promotional Card: x 4
• Rare: x 21
• Super Rare: x 27
• Secret Rare: x 8
• DON!! Card x 30