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Shadowverse | [BP06] Paragons of the Colosseum | Paragons of the Colosseum Booster Box

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Classes Contained: Forestcraft / Swordcraft / Runecraft / Dragoncraft / Abysscraft / Havencraft / Neutral

This set contains stunning new Ultimate-rarity cards and leader cards for players to collect!

Powerful new cards such as "Kuon, Founder of Onmyodo" and "Amataz, Fairy Blader"

are included in this set!

These cards took the Japanese competitive scene by storm, and players looking to participate in the upcoming competitive tournament season will definitely want to get their hands on this set!

This product does not include a box purchase bonus.

Product Specifications
Total: 117 cards + special foils
♦ B (Bronze): 40
♦ S (Silver): 28
♦ G (Gold): 28
♦ L (Legendary): 21

Each pack contains 1 G rarity or higher!

8 cards per pack
16 packs per box
16 boxes per case