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Shadowverse | [ST05] Waltz of the Undying Night | Waltz of the Undying Night Starter Deck

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Starter Deck #5 Waltz of the Undying Night

Embrace the dark of night with Abysscraft! Unleash hoards of bats and zombies, and dance the delicate line between life and death as you damage yourself while draining your opponents of life in the process!

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Product Specifications
• 1 prebuilt deck (40 main deck cards + 10 evolved cards)
• 1 leader card
• 10 token cards
• 3 Evolution Point cards
• 1 playmat
• 1 rule sheet (double-sided)
• 1 defense counter
• 2 sheets of punch-out counters

Each starter deck contains 20 unique types of cards.

Cards by rarity:
♦ L (Legendary) 1 type
♦ G (Gold) 1 type
♦ S (Silver) 4 types
♦ B (Bronze) 14 types

Card size: 63mm x 88mm (Same as Weiß Schwarz cards)
Deck construction: 1 leader card, 40-50 card main deck, 0-10 card evolve deck, up to 3 copies of the same card (deck may only consist of cards from your leader's class and/or the Neutral class).

1 starter deck per deck
6 decks per box
8 boxes per case