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Union Arena | Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion | Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Booster Box

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➀ Many gorgeous cards with new illustrations! Card text that recreates the world of the series to a high level!
Many of the gorgeous high-quality cards in the lineup use original illustrations made especially for Bandai! These are sure to please current TCG players and collectors!
The game play recreates the story and character’s moves, making it a design that is easy for even series fans that have not played a trading card game before to start playing!

➁ The CODE GEASS series joins UNION ARENA!
The CODE GEASS series joins UNION ARENA! You can make decks based on groups in the story that oppose each other like the Order of Black Knights and Holy Britannian Empire.
The lineup even includes cards with brand new illustrations!

➂ The booster that combines Booster and Starter card types from the Japanese ver.! Will include English ver. exclusive Alt-Design SR cards
The 2 SR card types from the Starter Deck cards are included in the lineup of this Booster set and include an Alt-Design that is exclusive to the English ver.

➃ The booster pack card lineup will include a serial number card!
A special feature we’re including at low pull-rate is a gold foil SR★★★ Lelouch Lamperouge card that has a serial number printed on it! Each will be the only one with that serial number in the world making it a strong “chase card”!

• Common:38
• Uncommon: 37
• Rare: 20
• Super Rare: 14
• Action Point Card: 7
109 card + 7AP Card Types
*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.

• 12 cards per pack

♦ 1 Booster Pack = 12 cards​
♦ 1 Display Box = 16 packs​
♦ 1 Case = 16 Display Boxes