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Weiss Schwarz JP | Arifureta: World's Strongest | Arifureta: World's Strongest Trial Deck +

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This is a Japanese product.

Pre-constructed deck containing 50 cards
Quick manual, deck manual, play mat included

1 piece
1 box containing 6 pieces

■ Special card information
One of the 50 cards is a glowing holo card!
moreover···! One of the special specification cards will always be included in the deck!

<Special specification card>
・ [RRR] Luxury RRR specification card: 16 types
・ [SP] Cast foil stamped sign card: 3 types

★ Starring cast foil stamped sign card information ★
Yuki Kuwabara
… Minami Takahashi as Yue … Shia・ Haulia
Yoko Hikasa …… Tio Clarus


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