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Weiss Schwarz JP | D.C. Da Capo 20th Anniversary | D.C. Da Capo 20th Anniversary Premium Booster

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Released on August 24, 2023 (Thu)
[Title classification: Da Capo & Dal Segno / Work number: DC, DC3, DC4, DC5]

1 pack containing 3 pieces
Suggested retail price 660 yen (tax included)

1 box 6 packs
Suggested retail price 3,960 yen (tax included)

Number of card types (planned)
N (Normal) 45 types + DCP (Da Capo Parallel) 45 types + SP (Special) 24 species

DC ~ Da Capo ~ A premium booster to commemorate the 20th anniversary!
Includes characters from successive DC - Da Capo - series!

A glittering foil-stamped card is included in each pack!
The SP (special) card is a stamped signature card of the voice actor or illustrator!

■ Foil stamping sign card information
Includes foil stamping sign cards by voice actors and illustrators!
[Foil-stamped signature card for 18 cast voice actors]
Sakura Nogawa, Ayayo Takagaki,
Yui Horie, Emi Nitta, Suzuka Fujimura, Mirai Sasaki , Chiyori Sakurasaki , Ai Matayoshi , Nao Higashiyama, Ayasa Ito, Emiri Kato, Asumi Kana Inori Minase Ai Kakuma Kotori Koiwai Manaka Iwami Akira Sekine Aoi Koga [Foil-stamped sign cards of 5 illustrators] Natsuki Tanihara, Yuki Takano, her girlfriend, Yuka Yura, her girlfriend, Konata, and her girlfriend, Shiratori Iroha

■ Newly drawn illustration information
Includes 10 newly drawn illustrations by gorgeous illustrators!
Mr. Natsuki Tanihara,
Mr. Yuki Takano , Mr. Yuka
Kayura, Mr. Konata, Mr. Shiratori Iroha, Mr. Kanojo no Konata, Mr. Shiratori Iroha, Mr. Carton purchase privilege information As a carton purchase privilege, the stage "DC III ~ Da Capo III ~ Message to Mirai" viewing privilege Enclose one of the five distributed PR cards! * Cards are usually framed. * Enclosure for resale is undecided.