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Weiss Schwarz JP | Fujimi Fantasia Bunko | Fujimi Fantasia Bunko Booster Box


This is a Japanese product.

This is a reprint of the set, not the orginal run.

Fujimi Fantasia Bunko

■ Neo Standard Category
/ Neo Standard Category "Fujimi Fantasia Bunko"
All the cards included in this pack have card numbers starting with " F (uppercase) + 〇〇 (lowercase) /" , and you can build a deck as "Fujimi Fantasia Bunko".

■ The number of recording types has been changed from 100 types to 105 types .

■ List of recorded works
・ Amagi Brilliant Park 6 types
・ Oda Shina's ambitions National version 6 types
・ I like my sister but not my sister 6 types
・ Is this a zombie?  14 types
, Student Council's Discretion      15 types
, Date A Live   13 types
, High School DxD   14 types
, Full Metal Panic! 5 types
, Maburaho        5 types
, Roku de Nashi magic instructor and contraindications 13 types

In addition to the above works recorded in the trial deck + (plus), the following works are also included!

・ Your last battlefield or my last battlefield, or one kind of holy war where the world begins    
・ Do you like moms who attack twice with a normal attack as a whole attack? 1 type
, 1 type of Sky Wizards Academy instructor,  1 type
of Anti-Magic Academy 35 test platoon    , 1 type
of Tokyo Ravens   , 1 type
of Slayers,   1 type
of Legend of the Legendary Hero, 1 type of
Chaika of the Coffin Princess  

■ Includes hot stamped autograph cards!
Includes 5 types of hot stamped autograph cards for voice actors appearing in TV anime as a rarity SP!
[Student Council
's Discretion] Iori Nomizu (role of Mafuyu Shiina)

[Date A Live]
Asami Sanada (role of Kazuzo Tokizaki)

[High School DxD]
Azumi Asakura (as Asia Argento)

[Roku no Nashi Majutsu Instructor and Contraindications]
Akane Fujita (role of Sistina Fiebel)

[Is this a zombie? ]
Iori Nomizu (role of Haruna)

■ Box benefits
One of the eight types of box-enclosed PR cards is randomly enclosed in the box!
* There are no plans to include it in the reprint.

■ Rarity
SP (Special) 5 types
FBR (Fujimi Fantasia Bunko Rare) 5 types
RRR (Triple Rare) 11 types
SR (Super Rare) 22 types
RR (Double Rare) 10 Kinds
R (Rare) 25 Kinds
U (Uncommon) 28 Kinds
C (Common) 28 Kinds
CR (Climax Rare) 5 Kinds
CC (Climax Common) 9 Kinds

1 pack 9 pieces 400 yen + tax
1 box 16 packs 6,400 yen + tax
1 carton 18 boxes
Number of cards: 105 types + 43 types

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text.)