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Weiss Schwarz JP | Saekano Fine | Saenai Fine Booster Box

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This is a Japanese product.

[Title classification: How to raise her dull / Work number: SHS]

■ Foil stamping sign card information Includes
foil stamping sign cards by cast!
Kiyono Yasuno (role of Megumi Kato)
Saori Onishi (role of Sawamura, Spencer, Erinashi)
Ai Kayano (role of Utaha Kasumigaoka)
Kiyono Yasuno (role of Megumi Kato)
Saori Onishi ( role) Sawamura, Spencer, Erinashi)
Ai Kayano (Kasugaoka Utaha)
Yahagi Sayuri (Hyodo Michiru)
Akasaki Chinatsu (Hamishima Izumi)

■ Illustration information
"Megumi" "Erinashi" Includes
all 6 newly drawn illustrations of "Utaha," "Michiru," and "Izumi" !

■ Box benefits (planned)
Of all 5 types of box-enclosed PR cards
One piece is randomly enclosed in the box!
* Encapsulation in the reprint is undecided.

■ Gold and Silver Campaign
Collect the "gold winning tickets" randomly enclosed in this product
and exchange them for Bushiroad special goods such as storage boxes and sleeves by applying at the "Bushiroad TCG Station"!
Click here for details!
* This campaign is common to all Weiss Schwarz products.
* Tickets are included in the box only if you win. There is no enclosed ticket.
* There is no winning ticket included in the reprint.

■ Special first
-come-first-served card The first-come-first-served card (1 set of 2) with the original design of this product is rarely included in the BOX!
* Encapsulation in the reprint is undecided.
* The first and second attack cards will be added to the prizes of the gold and silver campaign.

1 pack 9 pieces
1 box 16 packs
1 carton 18 boxes
Number of card types: 100 types of normal + 34 types of parallel
■ Rarity
SEC (secret) 3 types
SP (special) 5 types
RRR (triple rare) 10 types
SR (super rare) 16 types
RR (double rare) ) 10 types
R (rare) 22 types
U (uncommon) 28 types
C (common) 28 types
CR (climax rare) 4 types
CC (climax common) 8 types

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text.)