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Weiss Schwarz JP | Star Wars | Star Wars Comeback Booster Box

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This is a Japanese product.

[Title classification: STAR WARS / Work number: SW]

2017 Includes STAR WARS booster packs and trial deck cards released in ! In addition, 19 types of card information are changed and recorded while
keeping the illustrations and card names as they are! ■The back side of the card has been changed to a new design! This product can be mixed with already released STAR WARS cards to build a deck. ■ SP (special) card is a luxurious foil-stamped card with the logo of the work! ■ SWR (STAR ​​WARS rare) is a gorgeous foil-stamped card with the work logo and famous lines! ■ "Star Wars" A New Hope / The Empire Strikes Back / Return of the Jedi / The Force Awakens with illustrations drawn for Weiss Schwarz from his characters and famous scenes! ■ Box benefits (planned) Out of all five types of box-enclosed PR cards,

9 sheets per pack
1 box 16 packs
1 carton 18 boxes

SWR (STAR ​​WARS Rare) 6 types
SP (Special) 5 types
RRR (Triple Rare) 10 types
SR (Super Rare) 13 types
————————————————————— ——
RR (Double Rare) 10 types
R (Rare) 24 types
U (Uncommon) 34 types
C (Common) 38 types
CR (Climax Rare) 4 types
CC (Climax Common) 10 types
TD (Trial Deck) 19 types

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