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Weiss Schwarz JP | The King of Fighters | The King of Fighters Premium Booster

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Released on 2023/09/22 (Fri)
[Title classification: THE KING OF FIGHTERS / Work number: KF]

1 pack containing 3 pieces

1 box containing 6 packs

Number of card types (planned)
N (normal) 63 types + MAX (maximum rare) 46 types + SP (special) 17 species
◆ Updated card text and processing! !
Includes selected cards from the booster pack "THE KING OF FIGHTERS" released in 2009! !
Many cards have new text!
In addition, all cards contain foil-stamped parallels.
It is a premium product not only for building decks, but also for collection!

◆ Reorganize the recorded cards into three colors: green, red, and blue! !
Changed the color of some cards to make it easier to build a "THE KING OF FIGHTERS" deck with only this product.
By all means, build a deck from here and recreate the battles of the unique fighters with your own hands!

◆ Includes newly drawn illustrations! !

◆ 17 types of rarity "SP (Special)" are included! (Updated 7/13)
[Cast] and [Creator] stamped signature card!

Tomoaki Maeno (as Kyo Kusanagi)
Takashi Kondo (as Terry Bogard)
Hiroshi Okamoto (as Andy Bogard)
Haruna Ikezawa (as Athena Asamiya)
Ai Kakuma... (as Yuri Sakazaki)
Ami Koshimizu... (as Mai Shiranui)
Takanori Hoshino... (as Iori Yagami)
Kong Kuwata... (as Geese Howard)
Keisuke Hamaoka...・(The role of Nanakasesha)
Erina Seto (as Shermie)
Rui Yamazaki (as Chris)
Yumi Kakazu (as Kula Diamond)
Sonosuke Nagashiro (as Ash Crimson)

Hiroaki [ Illustrator]
Eisuke Ogura [Illustrator (SNK)]
Watari [Illustrator (SNK)]
Kyotaro Azuma [Manga artist]

46 types of rarity “MAX (Maximum Rare)” are included!
"Special Moves" and "Commands" that shine in gold!
A smart card with a shining logo! !
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