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Weiss Schwarz | Poppin’Party×Roselia | Poppin’Party×Roselia Extra Booster Box

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Boost your deck with our latest release featuring the girls from Poppin’Party and Roselia!

Featuring the various members of Poppin’Party: Kasumi Toyama, Tae Hanazono, Rimi Ushigome, Saya Yamabuki and Arisa Ichigaya!

Roselia graces the stage: Yukina Minato, Sayo Hikawa, Lisa Imai, Ako Udagawa and Rinko Shirokane!




Every deck comes with a chance to contain a sign card by the lead vocalist!

◆ Aimi as Kasumi Toyama ◆
◆ Sae Otsuka as Tae Hanazono ◆
◆ Rimi Nishimoto as Rimi Ushigome ◆
◆ Ayaka Ohashi as Saya Yamabuki ◆
◆ Ayasa Ito as Arisa Ichigaya ◆

◆ Aina Aiba as Yukina Minato ◆
◆ Haruka Kudo as Sayo Hikawa ◆
◆ Yuki Nakashima as Lisa Imai ◆
◆ Megu Sakuragawa as Ako Udagawa ◆
◆ Kanon Shizaki as Rinko Shirokane ◆


The cards in this Extra Booster may be used together with cards which have their card number beginning with 「BD/」!

50 types of cards + 50 parallels
10 types OFR + 10 types SP
6 cards per pack, 6 packs per display

Every pack contains 2 shiny cards!