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Weiss Schwarz | The Quintessential Quintuplets | Premium Booster

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TV special anime “The Quintessential Quintuplets∽” from Weiss Schwarz’s popular title “The Quintessential Quintuplets∽” is joining the battle!
Each pack includes one glittering foil-stamped card!
*This product does not include a climax card.

-  Foil-stamped signature card information for cast members
-  Kana Hanazawa as
Ichika Nakano ◇ Ayana Taketatsu as Nino Nakano
-  Miku Ito as Miku Nakano
-  Ayane Sakura as
Yotsuba Nakano ◇ Inori Minase as Satsuki Nakano

You can build a deck only with cards with card numbers starting with Neo Standard classification "5HY/".

  • 1Box = 6 packs
  • 1 Pack = 3 cards

*Disclaimer - Translation is Machine Translated!